Houghton in Tanzania

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Program Specific Questions

I am applying to participate in the Spring semester of the year
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Houghton in Tanzania is a physically challenging program including rustic living, warm, humid weather and other physical challenges. Group-living dynamics also challenge the student socially and personally for the three month period.
How do you feel you are equipped to handle hiking, bushwhacking, climbing and hot weather conditions? Do you have any reasons that these conditions might prove too difficult for you?(Yes or No)
If so, please explain.
If you have taken Lifetime Wellness or a similar Health/Fitness class at your institution, would you allow your professor to comment on your ability to do well in a physically challenging environment?(Yes or No)
If so, please provide the name and email address of your Lifetime Wellness instructor
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Course Requirements: All students must take the three core courses
  • African Cultures
  • Human Ecology
  • Wildlife Behavior
  • which total twelve credit hours.
    Which of the elective courses are you interested in pursuing?
    Note: Missions and Folklore may not be offered every year....
    Intercultural Experience (4.00 hours)
    Missions (2.00 hours)
    African Folklore (English, Special Topics, 2.00 hours)
    Do you require a home stay living arrangement (eg: Intercultural Studies Major)(Yes or No)


    After reviewing the proposed course offerings and co-curricular aspects of studying in Tanzania, carefully and thoughtfully describe what you hope to learn by participating in the program, how you have prepared for an African educational experience, and how this program fits into your future goals, both academic and personal. Please limit your answer to 150 to 400 words.

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